J.M. McDonald Sports Complex
Unaffiliated indoor facility in Cortland, NY.
POLICIES & RULES: J.M.McDonald Rules (pdf)

Payment is made by each team prior to the match.
Age Group Referee Fee Amount Paid by Ea Team
Adult/Youth $30.00 $15.00

There are occasionally adult and youth tournaments at this facility. In most of those cases, the referees are paid by the facility at the time of the tournament either just before or just after the referee's games. Check at the front office for John Protheroe. Tournament pay may be different from the above rate for the adult league.

REPORTING: Game scores and misconduct must be noted in the notebook that is next to the scoreboard control panel. If there is a send-off, please send an email to the assignor noting what happened.

If a team does not show, do not collect money from the team that did... contact the


J.M. McDonald Website
OTHER: If you must send a note about a game to the assignor, please use the Arbiter game number.